The Wickie Ninnie What?

Aug 01, 2015 Avatar Pam Jacobs Pam Jacobs

Wow, what a beautiful place is Canada‘s The Wickanninish Inn in British Columbia!

I traveled to this wonderful Relais and Chateau resort in October, and what a great place! We arrived from Vancouver, Canada by way of Orca Air to Tofino airport, a 45-minute flight (a very small airport where Bob, working behind the counter, may even get you a soda from the machine). We passed Ms. Kate Blanchett upon our arrival in the airport; we were coming, and she was going.

With a lot of films being shot in Vancouver, Tofino is just the perfect place for a celebrity (or anyone who wants to get away) to spend a few days off a film shoot, so while there keep your eyes open!

When we arrived at “The Wick” the entire staff was waiting for us, lined up to escort each of us to our fabulous rooms! The hotel has two buildings, both amazing, the Pointe and the Beach. The first building, The Pointe, has the Pointe Restaurant and bar, where the view is spectacular, and the Ancient Cedars Spa. The Beach building has a lovely look out Library where senior management will invite return guests for a very nice cocktail hour.

The hotel is built on the beach and is family owned and operated. They had a resident wood carver who did all of the beautiful woodwork in the hotel, the late Henry Nolla, and have a gallery in his name. His carving shed is Just a quick walk down the beach.

Henry’s apprentice still carves here; he is referred to as Feather George.

George carves beautiful feathers from wood with abalone inserts, just beautiful. The Pointe restaurant has a cocktail named after him — the Feather George….strong and yummy!

As I walked into my room it was as if the ocean was waiting to spray a beautiful wave against the rocks outside my room! The view is from any vantage point in the room (I really didn’t want to leave), with a nice deep soaking tub, extremely comfortable bedding and the softest sheets you can imagine! The decor matches the area perfectly. They use local lumber (remember Henry?) and stone for the design and you can tell the amount of love and care that went into building this wonderful place.

Tofino is one of the best surfing destinations. People come from afar to surf this beach!

In October there were about 50 surfers and it was so nice just walking down the beach and taking it all in.

The little town if Tofino is cute, quaint, and colorful! Small shops, great restaurants & friendly locals. A perfect getaway! I can’t wait to return to Tofino!

Pam Jacobs