Vietnam: New Visa Procedures

Aug 30, 2016 Avatar  TravelStore

Vietnam vacations have been growing in popularity.

Whether on a land vacation or a Mekong river cruise, a growing number of US travelers are visiting Souteast Asia destinations like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, as well as Laos, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Vietnam has new visa procedures in place, now requiring US visitors to have a one-year multiple entry visa. Previously the visa was a 30-day tourism, single or muliple-entry visa.

US citizens entering Vietnam for the first time are now required to provide an application visa letter and a stamping fee, which costs $135 and is paid at the airport upon arrival.

A one-year multiple-entry visa will be provided, and stays of up to three months are allowed.

If making future visits within the year, only the passport stamp needs to be shown entering the country. Of course, visas can also be procured in advance of arrival, and TravelStore works with CIBT for visas.