Warm Experiences on a Berlin Vacation

Nov 28, 2018 Avatar Maral Nazarian Maral Nazarian
Berlin, Germany is warm in hospitality. My expectations were different as I anticipated a busy three-day work trip to see and explore Berlin’s hotels and sites. Instead, I lived as a Berliner for a few days. I made some friends, ate local food, shopped, lounged, and, yes, I did work, but the trip became so much more than a work trip… all thanks to how welcoming the city is.
Reading about Berlin… the East… the West… the history of the Cold War… that is all I was aware of. I didn’t expect it to be a main focus when touring the city. Nevertheless, most Berliners you meet will tell you how their own families were affected by the communist regime. There are also museums and memorials dedicated to those who suffered under communism in East Berlin and East Germany as well as some dedicated to Holocaust victims.
Of course, like any other German city, Berlin offers street food like pretzels and currywurst, which is a German sausage with a curry sauce. But, Berlin continues to be just a little different from other German towns. For instance, during the work portion of my trip, I visited 14 hotels and each one had a unique look and feel. Some are very historic dating back to 1903, such as the iconic Adalon Hotel at the Brandenburg Gate. The Hotel De Rome is located in a historic building dating back to 1889, which housed a bank. Hotel am Steinplatz opened its doors in 1913.

Moving on from historic hotels to new neighborhoods, the Art District is really cool and up-and-coming area that offers restaurants, shops, and galleries. This is where you can see walls of graffiti brightening courtyard paths in a charming way. Berlin also offers good shopping from local boutiques and also the world-famous KaDeWe, which opened its doors in 1907. It now has 60,000 square meters of sales floors, which include a legendary delicatessen department on the entire sixth floor.

The countless restaurants and bars operate the famous nightlife and music scene, including clubs that open on Friday night and close on Monday. The word is that people stay there partying nonstop the entire three days, but you wouldn’t find me there… at least not anymore! Instead, I enjoyed the beautiful lounges and bars that offer a more laid-back atmosphere with creative drinks made by mixologists.

With history, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and more, there is so much to do on a Berlin vacation that you can keep busy for days. No matter what you do there, Berlin is a must-see for every traveler. You’re in a city that was such big part of our world history, and you understand it a little more by staying there. Being able to tour the actual sites where historic events took place make a stay in Berlin all-the-more interesting and important. And, wonderfully, you depart Berlin knowing that the people are really kind. You truly made friends and you feel their sincere appreciation that you visited their city. It is a city that is still standing after so much devastation. It is a city that is loved by its people, and, as you’re leaving Berlin, you easily can see why. I know because I’ve seen it myself.