Why Champagne Tastes Better in Paris

Jun 05, 2016 Avatar Maral Nazarian Maral Nazarian

Is it the beautiful stem glass they use?
Is it the perfect temperature it’s served?
Is it the mesmerizing scenery that surrounds you with every sip you take?

…. It’s all of the above.

My recent trip to Paris proved to me once again champagne does taste better in France. I was on a whirlwind spree with some colleagues to visit and review 21 luxury hotels in Paris.

Paris is a city full of historic sites in every corner of every street, and through every window you peak through. It’s very important to choose a hotel based on your preference and reason for travel. Hotels in Paris range from the boutique traditional experience to the most modern luxury collections. You can also stay in hotels that have a true sense of palace, with rooms painted with murals and chandeliers and marble bathrooms fit for royalty.

Are you visiting Paris to feel like a local? To stay in a place where you are able to eat, sleep and mingle with the locals? Then hotels such as Victoria Palace or the Hotel Point Royal may be right for you.

If you’re traveling to Paris to see the sites and also love fashion, then you can stay at the Mandarin Oriental, The Castille or the Ritz, which are beautifully located near some amazing boutiques, the Chanel Signature Store or the Alexander McQueen boutique, where you can sip champagne while they show you their latest collection and assist you purchasing the best wardrobe and make you a fashionista.

My most memorable champagne sipping experience was in the Presidential Suite at the Shangri La, on a terrace overlooking the entire city of Paris and a view of the Eiffel Tower you can feel you can nearly touch. The suite has views of the Eiffel tower from the bed, your bathtub and your terrace.

A few of my favorite activities this Paris trip included:

-A fun ride with a guide driving a convertible Citroen through the main streets of Paris and tiny cobblestone alleys, with quick stops to take in the sites and take pictures.

-A visit to the Chateaux de Vicomte, and taking the private tour with the owner of the castle and sipping champagne and enjoying canapés with him in his private office, with large windows with views of the beautiful landscaped gardens, and his sharing how he was raised in this grand castle 30 minutes from heart of Paris.

-I also loved sipping champagne and wine with cheese tasting in a small local wine shop.

When in Paris it’s great to get lost. For every hour you are lost you discover a gem of a place, whether a historic site, a great sidewalk cafe or a boutique, a chocolate shop or a macaron shop, and discover your inner fashion sense or a pallet for something new you loved discovering while in Paris.

If you are enriched by visiting museums and viewing art, then certainly visits to the Louvre or the Musee d’Orsay, or even an art gallery in the neighborhood of your hotel is just the ticket.

It’s really hard to feel, touch and taste Paris in a few days or in a week. Paris tends to be a destination to visit at least a few times in your lifetime. Each time you visit this historic city you will appreciate its beauty all the more, and discover something new and much appreciated that will enhance your travel experience.

I don’t want to forget to mention the great dining experiences in Paris, from the vendors on the street who serve crepes to order, to ice cream to die for. Michelin-star restaurants are a great experience for travelers who love great food, good service and an experience to enhance your pallet and appreciation of great food by world-renowned chefs.

All this makes champagne taste better in Paris. For me visiting 21 hotels and sipping champagne 21 plus times with each welcome greet; now I know the bubbly tastes much better in Paris. Cheers for now and until you’r ready to reserve your next Paris stay!

Maral Nazarian