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Cruise beautiful Caribbean waters and give back to local communities at your destination. Departures available April through September for sailings to the Dominican Republic, In addition, fathom is operating cruises to Cuba.

Create lasting memories in Cuba or the Dominican Republic with fathom travel. Specializing in cruising with a purpose, community development-oriented programing offers a variety of off board excursions focused on bettering the social, economic, and environmental circumstances of the countries you visit.

Beyond making a difference, you’ll have the opportunity to relax on the white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic or explore the sights and sounds of Old Havana. Fathom isn’t just travel and it isn’t just volunteering. It is the ideal combination of taking in and giving back to some of the world’s most exciting destinations.

Itinerary choices include 7 day journeys setting sail from Miami to either the Dominican Republic or Cuba aboard the 710-passenger Adonia. With a small ship designed for the social traveler, passengers are encouraged to build relationships with fellow guests with whom they will make an impact on the ground.

Take a look at a visualization of a 7-day Fathom itinerary, and two sample days on a fathom cruise.

Giving back can take on many forms. While in port in the Dominican Republic, you might choose to help a local community gain access to clean water or help women grow their local, artisanal chocolate business. In Cuba, you can take part in morning lessons at a school in Havana or engage in meaningful discussions with local teachers about the challenges facing education in the developing country today.

The Cuba cruise itinerares will include overnight visit in Havana, plus day visits in Cienfuegos and Santaigo de Cuba.

Voyages include meals, a comfortable stateroom, on board programing and a variety of volunteer opportunities allowing guests to truly use their leisure time to make a difference. The ships’ pool, gym, game deck, and full sized library enrich the onboard experience.

These cruises are designed to allow those wishing to go beyond the surface of sightseeing and dive head first into the lives of locals through meaningful volunteer work. TravelStore can make your travel arrangements, including the cruise, airfare arrangements, travel insurance. 

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