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Things to Do and See in Australia

Australia, the only destination that’s both a continent and a country, is rich in history, culture, wild life, and natural wonders. That, and it’s big. In fact, Australia’s size and the amount of travel time it takes most travelers to get from one spot to another can make packing everything you want to do and see into a mere week or two of vacation next to impossible.

You’ll most likely have to prioritize, compromise, and make peace with having to travel long distances to get between what ends up making the final cut, but Australia is the trip of a lifetime, so all of the effort is certainly worth it.

For many travelers, it’s best to identify the one or two (or three!) must-visit spots to build your trip around – whether that be Uluru (Ayers Rock), the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, or a Kangaroo safari, aboriginal cultural art exhibit, and the Australian wine country. From there, you can then pack in what you can around those must-see attractions.  

The Weather in Australia

Australia is a vast country with many microclimates. From the subtropical beaches of the North to the desert interior, and from the temperate coastal cities to the rainforests of Tazmania, Australian weather varies considerably.

The seasons in Australia are the opposite of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. In the northern, sub-tropical and equatorial parts of the country, the landscape experiences only two seasons: wet during the summer monsoon season, and dry the rest of the year.

Temperatures can vary considerably depending on the time of year you visit Australia, and the areas you will be traveling to. Summer temperatures in the desert interior of the country can reach well over one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, while some coastal cities rarely see summer temperatures over seventy-five. Make sure to pack for the range of temperatures that you are likely to encounter.

Getting Around Australia: Transportation Options

All of the major cities and towns of Australia have taxi service available and well-developed public transportation systems. The majority of distance traveling within the country is done by air. Make sure to pad your itinerary with realistic travel times between destinations, as well as down time to recover from traveling.

Rail is a largely state-by-state affair, and is not necessarily known for its speed. That said, traveling by train through the Australian interior can be a richly rewarding experience in and of itself, if you have the time for it, and Australia certainly offers some of the planet's significant rail vacations.

There are three major railroads in Australia, a North-South line that runs along the East coast of the country, an East-West Line that connects Perth on the West coast with the rest of the country, and a North-South line that runs from Darwin on the northern coast through the Alice Springs in the interior before it connects with the East-West line.

Australian Hotels & Resorts

All of the major cities and larger towns have a wide range of accommodations, from five-star hotels all the way to youth hostels. Short- and long-term apartment rentals are available, though one of the best options during your Australia vacation may actually be to stay in one of the fabulous luxury lodges. Spread out over various parts of the country, thes Australia luxury lodges provide the best in comfort and enjoyment for travelers. TravelStore can plan a unique itinerary for your trip, based on your personal interests, allowing you to take advantage of these luxury accommodations.

In the interior of the country, accommodations can be a bit harder to come by, but most towns of any size will have at least one hotel, and there are many luxury resorts in the interior, as well. Our Signature Hotels & Resorts program includes over a dozen Australia properties, at which our clients receive exclusive amenities.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Australia

Australia is a unique place in and of itself. And though main attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef may dominate the imagination when it comes to planning a Down Under vacation, you may also be looking to do something a little bit different than every other tourist who visits the continent. Here are some ideas.

Tour the wine and beer country of South Eastern Australia. The areas surrounding each of the major cities in the South East of Australia are home to many world-class wineries, and increasingly, to some terrific craft breweries. And like wine countries anywhere in the world, luxury accommodations, spas, and restaurants have sprung up around the wineries to serve travelers. 

Visit Lord Howe Island between Australia and New Zealand, where you can see the unspoiled beauty of a sub-tropical paradise with some of the best day hiking and reef snorkeling in the world.

Visit Paronella Park, a hand-built castle-like estate constructed by a Spanish immigrant on twelve acres in the North Queensland tropical jungle; the property is slowly being reclaimed by the forest around it. Or spend a day or two visiting the island state of Tasmania, a quickly-growing destination where several exciting annual events take place, and plenty of seafood delights await you.

More About Australia

Australia is a high quality destination, and presently a great value. Make your Australia vacation even more memorable today, when you stop dreaming and call an Australia travel specialist instead. We’ll make a trip to Australia a reality! Learn more about vacations in Australia.