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More About Costa Rica

We have a lot of expertise planning Costa Rica vacations packages, and have exceptional relationships with in-country travel providers. To arrange customized Costa Rica tours-- from transportation, sightseeing and accommodations at the better Costa Rica resorts, send us your request and one of our travel experts will contact you to begin to plan your trip.

Things to Do and See in Costa Rica

From rainforests to lush beaches, you’ll be hard pressed to find things to do in Costa Rica that aren’t jaw dropping. Arenal Volcano National Park is a classic destination for a Costa Rica honeymoon or for adventure seekers, where you’ll find everything from zip line tours to volcanic mud wraps in a spa overlooking the volcano.

But to fully experience all a trip to Costa Rica has to offer, be sure to visit the many different microclimates throughout the island. Boat through jungle-lined canes to picturesque Tortuguero, the Land of Turtles. In Monteverde, explore the cloud forest reserve, a unique tropical paradise with colorful specimens.

Embark on an expedition to Manuel Antonio National Park, minuscule in size but impressive in its array of scenic trails and vantage points. Regardless of which pocket of the country you decide to investigate, TravelStore is ready to help you plan the perfect Costa Rica vacation package.

Costa Rica Weather and Climate

Costa Rica weather experiences two seasons: the “dry season,” similar to summer, that runs from January through April; and the “green or rainy season,” that mimics winter and occurs from May through December. Depending on your itinerary, the “green season” may be desirable: you’ll find lower prices, fewer crowds, and sunny days on the beach, although certain regions of the county do experience heavy rainfall during these months.

While Costa Rica may not be particularly expansive, be sure to investigate more about Costa Rica weather to discover which areas you want to visit ahead of time. Costa Rica has its own microclimates that offer great diversity, depending on the geographical area you visit.

Costa Rica Transportation Options

In order to access the various regions and towns on your Costa Rica vacation, you’ll find minimal access to conventional public transportation. Affordable domestic flights, safe private transfers, shuttles, ferries, and rental cars (if you don't mind getting lost on poorly marked roadways), can transport you with little to no hassle from one Costa Rica destination to the next.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even traverse parts of the country on horseback. Of course, TravelStore can help you arrange your travel to Costa Rica in advance, as part of your trip arrangements.

Hotels & Resorts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is replete with beachfront hotels that can accommodate any budget. Costa Rica resorts offer everything from access to National Parks to nearby rain forest hiking trails. Planning a Costa Rica honeymoon? Take advantage of intimate luxury suites with balconies that offer sweeping views of the jungle or beachfront.

If you’re looking for a remote getaway, schedule your stay in a villa along a less frequented beach, such as Playa Jobo or Playa Rajada. TravelStore has taken care to find handpicked Costa Rica hotels in less frequented villages and remote Costa Rica destinations that offer the same levels of comfort and adventure found in more trafficked areas. Let us help you find ideal accommodations for your trip to Costa Rica.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Costa Rica

Spend time returning to a slower pace, where you can fully enjoy the spoils of a Costa Rica vacation package. Enjoy a river cruise along the Tarcoles River to gaze upon wildlife such as iguanas, lizards, and birds of prey. As you absorb the awe-inspiring view in this jungle setting, you’ll feel a world apart from your everyday routine.

Take a break from the lush jungle and beach scenery by visiting San Jose, a European-style city that offers unparalleled access to the city’s pre-Columbian history. Take a tour of a nearby coffee plantation and learn about the harvesting process before ending an evening watching a performance at the National Theater or wandering by the Bellavista Fortress.

More About Costa Rica

Whether you embark on a Costa Rica cruise or set forth on a jungle expedition through this natural wonderland, our team is ready and willing to enhance your trip to Costa Rica. Search for Costa Rica vacation packages above, or contact us today to arrange a perfectly customized trip to Costa Rica.