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Tauck river cruise during tulip season

Favorite Trip Experience

Too many, but I am a France fanatic!

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Southeast Asia

When I began in the travel industry, I didn’t want to be an advisor that sold air and hotel. I wanted to sell an experience that my clients wouldn’t forget. I still feel strongly about that. 
I grew up in New York City, studied business and fashion, became a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, and moved to Los Angeles for my husband’s business. Through my career and his business, I had the opportunity to travel extensively. After raising my children, I decided to pursue the travel industry because of my passion for travel. I felt the need to tell people about my great experiences that I have had during my many trips. To recommend to people where to go, what to do, my favorite restaurants, museums, and neighborhoods... I wanted to share my knowledge! Working in travel was the perfect way to do exactly that. 
To me, customer service is crucial from beginning to end. It is what brings people back and they will never forget you. I feel blessed to have a job to make people happy, and when they return from their trip and tell me what a great time they had, I feel elated. This is why I love my job. I am overjoyed to work with my clients, and I am overjoyed to share the love of travel with them. 

My Travel Experiences

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