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I once spent a week traveling the Galapagos with only the clothes I arrived in. (Even a travel agent’s luggage gets lost sometimes.) That can’t be any harder than helping someone plan their vacation!

I’m a native Southern Californian and have been a travel agent since 1969 following a job I had in college working for Delta Air Lines. Perhaps working for an airline taught me to travel light: to pack my suitcase, and then take half of it out and leave it at home.

I have been arranging and traveling on river cruises in Europe since 2004.  Rivers have been the highways in Europe for centuries, and the idea of a small 120 passenger vessel, docking in the center of Europe’s great cities, appealed to me.  Since that time I have escorted families and small groups on several Christmas Market itineraries on the Rhine and Danube rivers. I have experienced the wine growing regions of France in Burgundy and Provence on the Rhone River, and I have enjoyed tulips and windmills in the springtime in the Netherlands.

River cruising provides an upscale, intimate and relaxing way to travel and I enjoyed it so much that I have gone on to experience river cruises from St Petersburg to Moscow in Russia,  on the Nile in Egypt and down the mighty Yangtze in China.

I can help plan your special river cruise vacation with personal insights and details from my own area of expertise.

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My Travel Experiences

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