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There are over 300 Nile River cruise boats of varying quality. But don’t let the choice detain you from visiting this magnificent destination — Egypt cruises are a very comfortable way to explore this country’s absolutely incredible highlights, given the weather is hot and there’s a fair amount of walking to do ashore.

The riches of Egypt are all the more stunning to experience firsthand. To walk through temples Cleopatra once did, to stand at the foot of the imposing pyramids at Giza, 5,000 years old and a marvel to behold, and to admire the craft of Tutankhamen's treasures in Cairo's museum -- Egypt is truly worthy to be on anyone's bucket list. And to understand Egypt is a living museum, whose treasures are continually being unearthed, is to visit a destination whose mysteries and rich history continue to be unveiled a bit more with each visit.
Why Cruise
On an Egypt river cruise, you'll enjoy your luxurious floating resort and the culinary fare. The best boats are air conditioned, and floating down the river provides a breeze on deck, making the journey all the more comfortable between stops, where you disembark to discover ancient temples and learn about Egypt's fascinating ancient history.
Where to Cruise
There are two areas in which to cruise in Egypt: the lower Nile, between Aswan and Cairo, and Lake Nasser, between Aswan and Abu Simbel. Both offer very different views of the country, and very different experiences. Some of the cruise lines offering Nile cruises include Uniworld, Oberoi, Viking and Abercrombie & Kent. You can search for Egypt trips, or CONTACT US and
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With over 300 river boats plying the Nile Reiver, let our river cruise experts help guide you so you can best explore this wonderful destination, secure all your arrangements, and have the best Egypt vacation possible.

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