Hotel de Paris, St. Tropez

Dec 15, 2015 Avatar Pam Jacobs Pam Jacobs

Saint-Tropez, im the southern coast of France, started out as a small fishing village. Within a few short decades, it had become a legend – the playground of stars. Nestled in the heart of Provence, it is THE gem of the French Riviera.

At the centre of the village, Hotel de Paris-Saint-Tropez is a home away from home, the epitome of refinement and luxury. The hotel has been newly redesigned. With elegant and contemporary rooms and a Bridget Bardot Suite, an open-air suspended swimming pool, two restaurants – “Le Pationata” and “Les Toits” inspired by Mediterranean cuisine – and the Spa by Clarins, you will be sure to be spoiled like the many fabulous people who travel to Saint Tropez annually. All areas of the hotel have been equipped with the newest technology, so you will have everything you need to keep in touch with your world.

I arrived in the early afternoon and had to get a short nap before the evening events. (After all, the life of a travel agent on the road is not all fun and games!) My bed was welcoming and I fell straight to sleep. Then it was off to a mini trade show with one of our preferred suppliers, and a nice dinner together in the Les Toits Restaurant.

I had a lovely Terrace Room. It was fabulous. The bathroom was so nice and calming, a very roomy shower with a rain head above! It was such a treat!

Since this was my first stop in France, I was very tired, and knew I needed to be awake for breakfast by 8:30AM.

I went to sleep, and then turned over and saw the clock said 8:28!

I jumped up, took a shower, washed & dried my hair, put my robe on and opened the curtains to see the sun shining on the St. Tropez coast. But to my amusement, I saw only dark. I had mistaken the 0 for an 8 on the digital clock (in military time) next to my bed and it was really only 12:28 AM when I awoke so suddenly. So I went back to sleep laughing at myself and my jetlag!

Always be able to laugh at yourself, it makes an awkward moment funny, and will keep you in a good mood while you are traveling.

Pam Jacobs