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Peru is made up of three remarkably different geographic zones. These zones run from the north of the country to the south, and separate Peru into three very distinct areas both culturally and environmentally. By name, these zones are the desert coast, the highlands of the Andes, and the westernmost reaches of the Amazon.

A Peru vacation should allow you the freedom to concentrate your activities in one or more of these zones, while providing some activity in all three. A trip to Peru wouldn’t be complete without time spent in the mountains, in the jungle, and along the coast, and good Peru vacation packages account for this.

Things to do in Peru include taking a cruise on Lake Titicaca or to an isolated Amazon jungle lodge on the banks of the Tambopata River. You can hike eleven thousand foot-deep Colca Canyon, visiting remote Andean villages along the way, or take an airborne tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Nazca Lines.

You could go sand boarding on the dunes along the Peruvian coast before surfing the waves or just relaxing on the beach. You could tour the Sacred Valley of the Incas, or limit your Incan archaeology to a trip to Machu Picchu. And then there are the experiences that can only be had by wandering the cities of this wonderful country, soaking up the local culture and creating memories that are off the proverbial beaten path, and all your own.

Peru Weather and Climate

Peru, as it is made up of three distinct geographical areas, has three distinct climate zones. One could theoretically go from the relatively mild climate of the Southern Peruvian Coast to the harsh extreme of the frozen heights of the Andes, before descending into the sultry heat of the Amazon Basin, and all in one day. Because of this, the weather in Peru is extremely diverse, with thirty of the thirty-two types of microclimates all existing within the borders of the country.

Generally speaking, the climate of the Peruvian Coast depends on the relative distance to the equator. The Northern Peruvian Coast experiences temperatures that range between the eighties and low one hundreds in Fahrenheit. The Southern Peruvian Coast experiences temperatures of between forty and eighty degrees. It rains sporadically and yet torrentially during the summer on the North Coast, and almost never on the Southern Coast.

In the interior of the country, the climate of Andes depends primarily upon elevation, with the valleys recording mild temperatures and the highest reaches averaging high temperatures below freezing over the course of a typical year. The climate on the western side of the mountains is very dry, while the climate on the eastern side is extremely wet, as the Andes give way to the Amazon basin. It typically rains ten months out of the year in the Peruvian Amazon, with a brief dry season to be experienced between July and August.

Transportation Options in Peru

Peru cruises are available on the major waterways of the Amazon, as well as on Lake Titicaca. For travel overland, most travelers find the country’s bus system to be their best bet. Limited rail service is available between the country’s major cities and along the populated shore of Lake Titicaca, but bus or air travel is recommended for reaching other destinations inland.

For transportation in and around Peru’s cities, taxis are available, but be sure to negotiate (haggle the price in advance). Lima and the other large cities also have mass transit options available, as well.

Peru’s Hotels & Resorts

Whether you’re planning a Peru honeymoon or an amazing Peru vacation, getting to know a bit about Peru resorts and Peru hotels is a good idea. The major cities of Peru all have a wide range of available accommodations, from modest hostels to five-star luxury hotels. In the more rural parts of the country, finding luxury accommodations can be challenging. But many resorts and high-quality lodgings can be found in resort towns along the coast, clustered around the shores of Lake Titicaca, along the major rivers of the Peruvian Amazon, and clustered nearby all the major cultural and archaeological sites.

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