Travel where few have ever been. A cruise on the Upper Amazon River in Peru is not unlike an African safari or a visit to the Galapagos. You’ll explore a remote and rarely visited area, rich in natural highlights, with a very small group of travelers and naturalist guides, while enjoying air-conditioned comfort and excellent cuisine and service.

A Rare Opportunity
There are just a few boutique luxury boats cruising Peru’s Amazon year around we would recommend, including Aqua Expeditions and Delfin Cruises. Itineraries are 3-, 4- and 7-nights from the port city of Iquitos, an easy 1½ hour flight from Lima, Peru's capital. Iquitos was an important city in the days of the rubber barons, and signs of the wealth from those days are still evident in the Portuguese tiles on some of the houses. Three-fifths of Peru is jungle, and you’ll be exploring the more remote and pristine areas of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve. This protected wilderness of over five million acres, about twice the size of Yellowstone, teems with rare flora and fauna.
Each day there's a morning and afternoon excursion by motorized skiffs, exploring the jungle from the water's edge. You'll encounter some of the 500 species of birds: macaw, kingfisher and riotously colored parrots flying in and out of vine covered trees - plus black alligators, three-toed sloths, red howler monkeys, tamarin and capuchin monkeys, brilliant butterflies, and the unique freshwater pink dolphin. Here Indians live rather isolated, and are visited on some itineraries.
Weather and Climate
Temperatures here average between a low of 70 degrees F. and a high of 88 degrees F. The low water season (June - November) and high water season (December - May) feature differences in the plant and animal life as well as in the climate and excursions offered.
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The Amazon river cruise is an amazing exsperience, as well as an ideal add-on to a more in-depth Peru vacation which our South America travel experts can arrange for you. An ideal itinerary length, in our opinion, would be the four-day cruise, combined with a Peru land vacation. Peru offers many more amazing experiences.

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