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My passion has always been food and travel. For as long as I can remember, my most cherished memories took place in a destination far from home and revolved around a dinner table sampling new cuisines and immersed in a new cultural experience. Putting all five senses to work while traveling is the way I was brought up and the way I continue experience destinations.

With over 20 years of experience, I have provided expert travel related services to billion dollar corporations; industries such as entertainment, music, and film production; demanding executives; professional athletes and high profile celebrities.

Given the unconventional schedules of my clients, I am often asked to make magic happen on a last minute basis, and I am always up for the challenge! Some of the bespoke experiences I have been able to execute this year have included closing down the Leaning Tower of Pisa for a private visit, an exclusive tour of Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris, and dining privately in the kitchen of a famous three-Michelin star restaurant, inspired by my client's favorite episode of Anthony Bourdains’ No Reservations. If given the opportunity to plan your next trip, I can’t help but to shine the spotlight on you and make you the envy of your friends and colleagues!

As an experienced and passionate traveler myself, I view the world through the eyes of both the corporate road warrior as well as the desires of the soul-seeking traveler driven by wanderlust. Whether it’s chic travels to global hot spots and hideaways, complicated multi-city trips, frolicking on the beach while on a spectacular island vacation, or VIP concierge services and insider access to the finest restaurants in the world, I will take the guesswork out of your trip planning and curate unforgettable memories with a devotion to detail based upon your interests and goals.

Most of all, I am grateful to play a part in an experience that will change or enrich your life in some way or help you discover a part of yourself you never knew. This gives me a true sense of purpose and is the most gratifying part of being a travel planning professional.

My Travel Experiences

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