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My international youth gave me a leg up when booking trips to Europe. Growing up in the Northern part of Germany called Friesland, I was only a few hours away from the Netherlands. Aside from Amsterdam with its museums, grachtens, bicycles, and of course Heineken beer – I was introduced to a European cultural lifestyle from the start. Another nearby place, Keukenhof, is known for its beautiful flowers. There’s the coastline of Holland, and De Hague and Scheveningen, with an amazing promenade and all kinds of pancakes in different styles and sizes. For any kid, pancakes are a plus, but this variety made my childhood and upbringing rather unforgettable.

While on a river cruise you can experience the Benelux countries and Central Europe.  Brussels and Antwerp, among other things, have the most amazing waffles.  Take a short train or bus ride and you’re in the charming Town of Bruge, best experienced by boat through its canals. Restaurants are plentiful and offer a wide variety of gourmet foods.  Belgian lace and waffles are on every street corner and of course so are chocolates. Need something to wash all of these delectable treats down? Belgium is known for having more than 400 different varieties of beer!

My personal connection as a European native will prove invaluable as you book your vacation to this continent that I know like the back of my hand. I’m a certified specialist for Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia and Monaco.

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