Travel Expertise

Favorite experiences
  • Riding in a mokoro on the Okavango Delta
  • Private tour of the Vatican Restoration Labs
  • Polo lessons in Mandarina, Mexico
  • Experiencing TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo
  • Dinner at the most haunted establishment in Savannah
Most recent trips
  • African Safari
  • New Years in Paris
  • Switzerland
  • Charleston & Savannah
  • Golfing at Pinehurst
  • Skiing in Deer Valley
  • One & Only Mandarina, Mexico
Specialties Certifications
  • Signature Travel Expert

There is nothing like the freedom that travel brings you; experiencing new places, immersing yourself in local cultures, finding your new favorite spot, and always asking yourself, “Where next?”

Gina Cockriel

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Gina's Story

Growing up, my family would travel every summer to Profondeville, a small town on a river in Belgium, to visit my Great Aunt & Uncle and extended family. After spending a few days with family in their quaint, picturesque village, we would hop in a large white van and drive all over Europe, visiting centuries old Castles and Abbeys, exploring underground caverns full of stalagmites and stalagmites, and immersing ourselves in local cultures. From the moment I stared up at the vast iron and steel of the Eiffel Tower at the age of four, I knew I wanted to see all the world has to offer.

My career in the fashion industry helped fuel my love of travel. For me, transitioning from the fashion world to the world of travel was a natural progression. I am so fortunate that I can share my passion for travel with my clients while designing itineraries and custom travel experiences for them. Whether it’s mapping out driving routes in Ireland, recommending where to go for the best macadamia-nut pancakes in Maui, or finding the newest, under the radar wellness resort on the coast of Italy, my precise attention to detail and organization skills allow me to cultivate and personalize each individual travel experience for my clients.

Traveling is full of “ah-ha!” eye-opening moments. For me, some of these ah-ha moments include turning the corner onto Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, Japan; landing in Botswana on a bush plane while a lion watches lazily from the side of the airstrip; and sitting on my balcony overlooking the 18th hole at Pebble Beach, watching a lightning storm over the water in the distance.

I love hearing from clients about their ah-ha! travel moments- from racing down the mountain in Niseko, Japan on their quest to ski on all seven continents to white-water rafting up to the lobby of their hotel in Costa Rica to learning to make the perfect mille-feuille in the private kitchens at Chateau de Chantilly in France. I am inspired and challenged daily to create unique and memorable tailor-made itineraries for my clients. There is no greater feeling than talking with a client upon their return and knowing that you planned the exact vacation and experiences they desired. Every new destination, each time I experience a new city, culture, or excursion, I always leave inspired and asking myself, “Where next?”

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