More About Arctic Circle

Things to Do and See - Unique Adventures and Experiences in the Arctic

Nearly every arctic vacation, whether it’s an arctic adventure loaded with fun activities, or an arctic vacation package or arctic cruise booked to celebrate an arctic honeymoon, will involve many similar activities. The nature of the landscape and the challenges that it puts upon travel has always made it so. At least now, this beautiful, striking, challenging landscape is open for leisure travel in a way it has never been before. Take advantage of this opportunity to see this landscape in transition, now—before it is forever altered.

Imagine the view of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern lights, from the deck of your ship as it breaks through the ice surrounding the Svalbord Archipelago. Imagine you and a partner sea-kayaking a remote fjord full of beluga whales and arctic walrus. Imagine seeing a polar bear mother and her cubs hunting seals on the arctic ice. Regardless of what you encounter above the Arctic Circle in historic Spitzbergen and other remote ports of call, you will return with enough memories of your once in a lifetime adventure to last for the rest of your days.

Arctic Weather and Climate

The weather in the Arctic is, well… arctic—especially in the winter, when temperatures can remain well below freezing for months at a time, and the sun doesn’t rise for many days in a row. But in the summer, the weather can be surprisingly moderate, if only slightly unpredictable.

For those going on an Arctic cruise, cold weather clothing and rain gear are an absolute must. Though some cruise ships have loaner or rental gear for guests to use when going ashore or onto the ice, it is generally advisable to bring one’s own, for obvious reasons such as fit, lack of wear and tear, and general comfort.

Getting Around the Arctic

For those who plan to visit the Arctic without booking an arctic cruise, transportation options are limited and dependent on where you’ll be visiting and the time of year when you plan to visit. Several towns within the Arctic Circle may have vehicles to rent, again depending upon the time of year you’ll be visiting, but almost all travel in the Arctic is accomplished by means of small aircraft, and boats and ships capable of breaking through arctic ice.

That said, even when embarking on one of the many available arctic cruises, you may have opportunities for getting up close to the action by way of smaller craft like skiffs and sea kayaks. Not all arctic cruises are equipped for such activities, so make sure to consult with one of our arctic travel experts regarding the activities you’ll want available to you when you book your trip.