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Things to Do and See in Thailand

A Thailand tour is the consummate Asia destination for many travelers. With Bangkok at its heart and so many fantastic things to see and do, to truly experience Thailand means to go beyond the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha as you venture into Thailand’s countryside. Those who book Thailand vacation packages that include travel beyond Bangkok may be surprised to find that supreme hiking outside rugged northern villages, floating markets away from crowds, haunting relics from World War II, and 12th-century Khmer ruins are their rich rewards.

Things to do in Thailand extend from conventional museum tours to overnight expeditions through remote rivers. To get started, tour the coastline’s nearly 2,000 miles of beautiful seashore, and hop aboard a longtail boat to discover the abundance of beaches.

You can delve into local history that centers on the opium trade by visiting the Golden Triangle, a former growing region for the drug, where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand converge into a picturesque river point. Explore a national park to get up close and personal with rare wildlife and grand waterfalls. One can enjoy white-water rafting on the Mae Kok River, from June till October, and trekking and horseback riding at Doi Mae Salong. If diving is your passion, head north from Phuket, Thailand to Ko Tao on the Gulf of Thailand, or the Similan Islands National Marine Park, off the Andaman coast, considered one of the world’s top ten dive spots, and a year-around destination.

Consider a visit to an elephant camp in Thailand, and get up close and personal with these intelligent animals. Popular places for these encounters include Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Kanchanaburi, where you can also float down the river on a bamboo raft where “The Bridge on the River Kwai” was based, and see some of Thailand’s most scenic waterfalls.

Thai cuisine is popular in southern California, and there’s a plethora of restaurants at which you can discover the best Pad Thai, Gaeng Massaman, or Tom Yam Kung. Better yet, sign up for  one-day or multi-day Thai Cooking School class(es) on your Thailand vacation.

Medical Services in Thailand

Thailand has fast become a center for medical tourism, featuring plenty of spa and health resorts, plus internationally accredited medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified professionals, cost effective, and offering excellent service. 

The Weather in Thailand

Thailand weather varies depending on which part of the country you decide to visit. Geographically, you can divide Thailand into two parts: North and South. In Northern Thailand, you’ll encounter dry weather from November to May. Then, as seasons switch, from May to November, the southwest monsoon and rainfall dominate the region.

In Southern Thailand, you’ll find both wet and dry seasons that operate on different schedules, depending on which peninsula you are on. On the east coast, you’ll experience heavy rain from September to December, whereas on the west coast, strong storms and rain are most prevalent between April and October.

In general, experts agree that November to February are ideal months to travel to Thailand. But with ever-fluctuating seasons from monsoons, you’ll want to prepare in advance for your trip to Thailand. So depending on your itinerary, pack for the Thailand weather that you’re most likely to encounter.

Thailands Transportation Options

Prepare for adventure as you begin to plot out your trip to Thailand, as Bangkok is the only city in Thailand that features public transport systems running both below and above ground.

With less developed infrastructure, transportation options get more interesting: three-wheeled pedicabs called “tuk-tuks” are popular ways to travel in smaller towns, motorcycle taxis are frequently hired for short trips, and taxis (including Uber!) also exist to help visitors navigate unfamiliar land.

Of course, TravelStore can arrange for your flights and rail tickets in advance, or private transfers, as part of the arrangements for your next trip to Thailand.

Thailand Resorts and Hotels

Thailand has abundant accommodations in just about every price range in nearly every town of reasonable size. Bangkok offers everything from youth hostels to Thailand resorts and luxury spas, featuring the highest quality service and comfort. For your Thailand vacation, you can relax in a remote beachfront villa, or enjoy decadence in a Thailand hotel that showcases landscaped gardens and modern amenities. At many of our handpicked Thailand hotels and resorts, we also extend special amenities to travelers.

Lodging can be somewhat more challenging to find in the smaller towns throughout Thailand’s countryside, however, so if you plan to get off the beaten path, advance booking is recommended. We’re happy to help you customize the perfect stay in this lush country.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Thailand

Things to do in Thailand are abundant, and Bangkok alone is probably worthy of endless excursions. But if you’ve gotten tired of throngs of tourists and long lines waiting to view the Temple of the Golden Buddha or the Grand Palace, then you may want to invest some of your vacation in seeing a bit of the rest of Thailand. Here are some Thailand vacation adventures for you to consider.

Step back in time at Ayutthaya when you tour the ruins of Thailand’s former capital, from 1350 to 1767. There, you will discover an era of forgotten history buried in secret chambers and inscribed in remaining architectural marvels.

Enjoy quiet luxury aboard a Mekong River cruise that includes a Cambodia and Vietnam cruise. Frequent trips down this river lead visitors through tea plantations, local floating markets, and hill tribe villages that boast of the superior agricultural products of the region.

Take some time to explore the area around Chiang Mai, a northern city known for its flavorful cuisine. Along the city’s periphery, you can travel to Thailand countryside to find the Elephant Nature Park, a camp in the Mae Taeng Valley that promotes conservation and education on Thailand’s elephant population. You can help end their mistreatment while you gaze at these beautiful creatures in their natural element.

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Now is the perfect time to plan your Thailand jungle adventure or a romantic Thailand honeymoon. Whether visiting just Bangkok, or spending your vacation wandering the exotic coastline from Northern Um Phang to Southern Ko Lipe, you can enrich your Thailand vacation experience just by calling a TravelStore expert today.