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Discovered just 200 years ago in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, the Phraya Nakhon Cave has quickly become one of the world’s most ethereal natural formations;  labyrinthian passages give way to sun-soaked, open-roofed chambers resplendent with lush greenery, dry waterfalls, and a small temple built by King Rama V.

It's best to hike to Phraya Nakhon early in the day and catch the morning sun which illuminates the inside of the cave and the Kuha Kharuhas Pavilion, a small temple built by King Rama V. The cave is remote and relatively inaccessible location, so it is not as popular as other sites; as such, it is a very special experience.
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The ritual of giving alms to monks is a way for Thai people to give back to Buddhist monks, who in turn dedicate their lives to teaching others about being good and virtuous. Make sure you are respectful (kneel with your feet tucked in) and dressed appropriately (modestly with your shoulders and legs covered). Also do not make physical or eye contact, and wait until the monks lowers their bowl to receive the alms.

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