More About Cycling Vacations and Bike Tours

When it comes to cycling adventure tours there are different types of trips to consider, those that appeal to casual riders and those that may appeal to aspiring pros:

Classic Biking Trips: For the ride of your life!
Great biking itineraries, featuring beautiful routes in amazing locations with fantastic food, drink, and accommodations – the very best of the best, all the time.

Family Bike Tours: For memories that last a lifetime
Safety-oriented family cycling tours specially designed to provide unparalleled fun, meaningful connection, and opportunities for bonding through shared experiences. A group of grown siblings traveling together, parents with their college aged children, or a mother and her teenage daughter – these are  a few examples. Multi-generational bike tours are popular, too.

Customized Private Bike Trips: Anywhere, anytime -- you decide.
Create a private tour for your friends and family that includes everything you want – and nothing you don’t. This is your vacation – where, when, and how you want it, to share with whomever you choose.

Couture Bike Trips: Beyond ultimate
This is a no-holds-barred travel experience unlike anything you’ve ever known before,  crafting exceptional, world-class adventures that will captivate even the most experienced of travelers. Sumptuous meals, exquisite accommodations, and rarified VIP experiences put these trips in a class all their own. Luxury bike travel has never before reached such heights.

Pro Cycling Adventures: For addictive riding at its best
Challenge yourself on the world’s best climbs in the most amazing locations. Pedal harder, ride faster, and go beyond. Ride professional quality bikes on the world’s most famous routes, get coaching from a guide who’s a world-class cycling expert, and compete with a peloton of experienced riders. Live like a pro for six days, with mechanics who keep your bike in perfect condition and a dedicated staff member to ensure you achieve peak performance.