These winding roads are delightful, and its length leaves cyclists the opportunity to stop and savor each bit of the Archipelago Trail. Fortresses, ruins, museums, Saaristomeri National Park, and more make this journey one that is enriching in several ways. Shopping is available across harbors in the summer, and, yes, you can find a quaint place to stay, but you can also camp. Whether you do the whole trail or smaller sections, it’s bound to be a rewarding trek.

The Archipelago Trail is a network of roads linked by ferry crossings. Besides 160–190 kilometres of xections of roadwway, the crossings from one island to the next cover an additional 30–50 kilometres depending on your chosen route. The trail begins and end in Turku, southwest Finland, and can be enjoyed in sections.
Travel Season
Summer months
Half-Day or Full-Day?
The trail is a long one and can be enjoyed in sections.

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