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When I was very young I was swimming in the Sea of Cortez off Mexico and everything about the warm water and clear sky felt right. Then, a big Devil Ray leaped out of the water and seemed to sail forever. It was at this moment that I knew I needed to find more places like this.

Whether I’m off to a diving adventure with whale sharks in Belize, wine tasting in the south of France or having a spa week in Bali, my two decades as a travel agent have allowed me to venture and explore places I might not have experienced otherwise. Now I specialize in arranging honeymoons and destination weddings, or trips to Belize and Costa Rica, for which I’m a certified specialist.

I love encountering local culture wherever I go. Taking an excursion with a local fisherman or shopping for produce in a marketplace that a local has shared with you is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. This can also lead to strange and funny adventures! Once, while having dinner in Fiji, I came to realize I didn’t recognize a single thing on my plate. There were slimy things, brown things, and things with green spots on them. I pretended to eat the mystery meal by moving things around on my plate and much to my dismay – the locals interpreted this as time for round two! After that, I promised myself to always travel with protein bars after that! It’s great to laugh at our foibles and limits.

What's the sign of a great vacation? Worry called and wondered where you'd been!

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