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Brazil, Cuba, and Paris

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The Maldives, Italy, and the Greek Isles

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When I was 9 years old I visited Paris, France for just one day and was instantly hooked on traveling. 

I’ve always been interested in different cultures and the unique destinations they come from. I love traveling and sharing my experiences, while assisting you in doing the same. The best feeling is hearing your excitement upon returning from your vacation. I love being able to make a dream vacation come true, whether it’s your first travel experience or one of many you’ve taken.

I can’t say enough magnificent things about Tahiti.  Surrounded by turquoise blue waters and tranquility beyond imagination, Tahiti engulfs me with its beauty. Of course, Tahiti is perfect for a honeymoon or destination wedding.

My favorite travel experiences have been to Europe.  I’m a fan of traveling through Europe by train, exploring each city and immersing myself in the beauty and culinary facets of each place. South of Italy is amazing and touring the Amalfi coast on a yacht is unforgettable. And I love to plan vacations to Greece.

In South America I’ve enjoyed traveling to Venezuela and visiting the area of Canaima, where the waterfalls run throughout the region and the tallest is “Angel Falls.”

I enjoy working in the travel industry and I keep myself updated on destinations, resorts, excursions and new travel trends. As a travel agent, it is my duty to assure you I have chosen the right fit for your travel need. As a parent, I know the joys and challenges of traveling with children, and can help you arrange the family vacation that’s right for you, too.

My Travel Experiences

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