More About Yacht Vacations

On a crewed yacht getaway, family and friends can enjoy time together -- a crew is at your service, meals are provided by your private chef and personal preferences can be readily accommodated. Activities from the boat can include kayaking, water skiing, wake boarding, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving (and training) and more.

Yacht vacations can be less expensive than many all-inclusive vacations and ocean cruises, starting from around $300 per person per day with meals, drinks and wine included. A family or group of four or more could charter a yacht for a week with basic crew for a cost comparable to what some cruise ships charge. 

Compared to ocean cruises, accommodations onboard a yacht can vary, and space is compact and at a premium. Service is more casual and cuisine not as refined. On the other hand, the boat is yours, and you have control over how much time to spend where. There's no one else sharing your vacation, and you can to places the big ships can't navigate.

There are also yacht vacations which are not chartered, where you share the boat with a small group of travelers. These offer less exclusivity and generally come at a lower cost, making it easier for two persons to enjoy a yachting vacation.

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