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Traverse the incredible southwest corner of New Zealand’s South Island, flying over untouched rainforests, mountains, glaciers, and fiords. Arrive at Dusky Sound, one of Fiordland’s most isolated and remote inlets. Land on a custom-built floating helipad and transfer to a day boat to enjoy fishing, discovery, and wildlife watching. This is a spectacular region of Fiordland National Park that is only experienced by a few lucky visitors who take away indelible memories. Very few people visit Dusky Sound.

At Dusky Sound, it’s possible to explore the pristine shoreline of this world heritage spot and retrace the steps of explorer Captain Cook. The archaeological evidence of Cook’s visit can still be seen in the tree stumps cut by his crew for timber used to repair the vessel, Resolution, in 1773. Its isolated location at the southwestern tip of Fiordland makes it inaccessible to all but ocean-going vessels and helicopters. Consequently, the environment here is as pristine as it is possible to be.
8.5 Hours
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