Prambanan is Indonesia’s largest Hindu temple complex, comprised of hundreds of temples in three different area. On these stone temples are reliefs from the epic Ramayana. Initially built in the 9th century and then expanded, the complex was abandoned a century after its completion and suffered from looting and natural disasters.  It has been undergoing restoration since 1930’s. 

According to Atlas Obscura: "At the center stands 47-meter (154-foot) tall temple. An inscription on the oldest temple, Lara Jonggrang, shows that it was built in honor of Lord Shiva, and it is divided into two main terraces. On the higher terrace are the shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, and on the lower terrace are smaller shrines. The Prambanan complex consists of three zones, and Lara Jonggrang is located at the physical and symbolic heart of the inner, holiest zone, which houses eight temples in all. The middle zone consists of 224 shrines, most of which bore the brunt of earthquakes and looting, but some have been restored. The outer zone was once surrounded by a wall, but the function of this area is a matter of speculation."
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