More About South America Cruises

There are a number of places to explore South America by ship. Several lines offer cruises in South America of varying lengths up and down its east and west coasts, as well as circumnavigating the continent. You can view these options using our Cruise Finder tool above.

One of the more unique travel destinations on the planet is the Galapagos Islands.  Travelers fly to Ecuador, perhaps with a city stay in mountainous Quito, then take a local flight to Baltra, where you board the boat for your Galapagos cruise adventure, visiting different islands, each of which provides unique experiences. There’s a wide variety of boats and small cruise ships available, from “tourist class” to “luxury.” The cruise ships offer more comforts and a team of on qualified guide boards, while smaller boats are ideal for families who desire a private experience. Learn more about Galapagos cruises.

Finally, Amazon river cruises offer intrepid travelers a wonderful journey though a labyrinth of forests, wildlife and native people; to an area so important to global ecology and so rich in its diversity.