Enjoy an authentic St. Lucian experience blending the past and present as you see, taste, and smell the essence of St. Lucia. An interactive experience, which showcases the island and offers you a deep insight into the “Essence of St. Lucia.” It’s an excellent family excursion!

Depart for Greenwood Terrace and stroll through the immaculate gardens where you learn about a multitude of tropical fruits, trees, and flowering plants from your knowledgeable guide. See a traditional medicinal herb garden and learn how people utilized those herbs. See an old-styled fowl coop or hen house, traditional outdoor cooking place, and a stone baking oven used for baking bread. Also, discover the secrets of local coconut oil and bay rum. Learn intriguing facts about traditional Creole dress and try on headwear. View a brilliant display of historic items, artifacts, and utensils, all found on site in the mini museum. Savor a variety of tropical fruits, island delicacies, and local rum tasting, as your tour comes to a close.
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Year around
2 Hours
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