Take an exciting tour of traditional Japanese farmhouses: minka. Minka are one of the most unique and important historical assets of Japan. Your expert is passionate about saving minka and protecting “authentic Japan.” You will have the opportunity to explore a number of minka with a specialist, who will lead you through the house and teach you about the lifestyle of its former residents. For lunch, you will have the privilege of being invited into one of the minka and enjoy some local delicacies over an irori, a traditional Japanese fireplace. The owners will instruct you how to prepare the local ingredients before you enjoy your delicious meal.

Despite their historical value, many farmhouses were demolished and replaced by modern buildings, better suited to contemporary lifestyles. Thankfully, there are local people who appreciate the value of minka and have tried to preserve these cultural gems, especially in Nagano. Take the opportunity to chat with the locals, who call the minka their homes, and ask them about their unique lifestyle - some have even found samurai swords hidden in the roof!
Travel Season
4 or 8 Hours
Family Friendly?
Yes, but children should be older
Booking info
This experience can be arranged as part of a custom trip in Japan when arranged with TravelStore. Experiences are valid when we post them and are subject to change and availability. (IJ)

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