An authentic experience with a local family. Visit the local market to learn about ingredients and how they are used. Then back at home, help with making coconut milk used in stews and vegetables using a ‘buzi,’  and learn to make ugali, the traditional cornmeal dish.  Join the family to enjoy the meal, followed by kashata and kawaha (Tanzanian peanut brittle and coffee).

Shida, Marissa, and William live in a simple, modest home in a small village in Moshi. You will enjoy your meal outside on small benches with the entire family. Ugali (a traditional cornmeal cake) is usually eaten communal style, with each person picking off from the main cake with their hand, rolling it into a softball, and then using it as a spoon to scoop up vegetables or stew. A few other dishes that you may try are local fruits (mango, avocado), uji (a local porridge made from a mix of millet, corn, peanuts, and wheat, served hot in a teacup with a pinch of sugar), mtori (beef and green banana stew) and rice with spiced beans. Some of these dishes are cooked in coconut milk and simmered over a wood fire, giving it a very distinct and delicious flavor!
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