Mustang Monument, an eco-resort and preserve, brings you close to America’s iconic Western culture and heritage: Experience a Western-inspired all-inclusive safari experience with hundreds of wild mustangs that run free here, along with farm-to-table cuisine and a variety of outdoor activities. Here American businesswoman and philanthropist, Madeleine Pickens, helps protect and preserve wild mustangs through her non-profit foundation, Saving America’s Mustang. 

Ruby's at Mustant Monument, Nevada
Mustang Monument is located on 900 square miles and two miles from Wells municipal airport, and 177 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport, about a 2.5 hour drive. There are just 10 cottages welcoming guests. Here you'll meet these magnificent wild animals face to face in their natural habitat.  Children will enjoy archery, baseball, wagon rides, games and horseback riding. An Overnight Sheep Wagon experience invites guests to gather under the stars surrounded by the calls of the wild to enjoy storytelling and a savory fireside dinner. An indigenous dance is performed around a fire where Native American folklore sets the stage for a mystical encounter under the night sky’s vast constellations. Back at the ranch, guests can either gather at Ruby’s or The Saloon, complete with saddle stools at the bar, for group chats and cocktails.
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June through September
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