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Your guide will meet you at your accommodation for your day tour to Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage Site, to swim with the whale sharks or humpback whales. Aboard your cruise, a spotter plane will already be in the air, searching for whale sharks or humpback whales as they feed. Throughout the day, the crew will be searching for turtles, rays, dolphins, dugongs, and sea birds. Entering the water, you are surrounded by fish of every size and color, playful manta rays, and lively turtles. As you take it all in, the largest creature you have ever seen gracefully swim by: a whale shark or humpback whale is welcoming you to their home.

Learn about the biology and habitat of the whale sharks or humpback whales and other marine life through a brief presentation. Have the opportunity to get involved with involved with data collection as field workers conduct their vital scientific research programs in the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Marine Park. Upon conclusion of the tour, you will be transferred to your accommodation. There may be time for a snorkel at different sites along the reef. A light morning tea, lunch, and snacks throughout the day are included in the day.
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