More About Russian River Cruises

The wooden structures in the UNESCO site of Kizhi north of St. Petersburg are amazing and a highlight; churches and windmills built without the use of a single nail. The Hermitage containes over a million art treasures, spread among multiple buildings. In the Russian Art Museum and Tretyakov Gallery you can trace the history of Russia and Russian art, while Erarta and other galleries showcase Russia's contemporary art scene. In Mandrogy you can learn how those famous matryoshka dolls are made, or visit the Vodka Museum in St. Petersburg.

Typical of all cruises in Russia, On board your Volga river cruise you'll enjoy comfortable accommodations, the Russian service staff, and the Russian music and entertainment provided, all enhancing your cultural experience. However, not all Russia river cruises are created equal, and we can guide you to the best choices based on your dates.