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Destination Japan

A Japan vacation conjures images of ancient temples and traditional ryokan inns, as well as high tech cities, bullet trains and animé culture. It’s the contrasts...

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Travel Expert Pick

Experience The Snow Monkeys

There are a number of reasons to visit Nagano, which hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics. Not least of which is to visit the macaques who enjoy...

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Experience The Onsen Experience

Onsen is the Japanese hot springs bath, a ritual to promote healing and relaxation. With Japan a volcanic island, there are many locations where both public...

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Experience Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

This unusual and fascinating museum's mission is to collect and conserve ancient tools as an example of Japanese Cultural Heritage. These tools have been used to...

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Experience Sumo Through a Wrestler’s Eyes

Private session with a former, English-speaking sumo wrestler who can take you behind the scenes and inform you of the history and meanings behind the bouts,...

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Experience Ski Vacations

Wherever you'd like to ski -- in North America, Europe, South America or Japan -- we can arrange your ski vacation package, along with lodging, lift...

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Experience Shigaraki Pottery with Specialist

Private tour with a pottery collector specialist who knows the pottery artists of Kyoto and its surroundings. Shigaraki is a type of stoneware pottery made in...

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Experience Seven Stars Luxury Rail Journey

Sleeping car excursion train which showcases the island of Kyushu, known for its active volcanoes, beaches and natural hot springs! The train is features the best...

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Experience Rural Life & Minka Tour

Take an exciting tour of traditional Japanese farmhouses: minka. Minka are one of the most unique and important historical assets of Japan. Your expert is passionate...

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Experience Rural Japan Bike Tour

Immerse yourself in rural Japanese culture. Take the local train from Kyoto to Shiga Station and enjoy a gentle electric bicycle ride along the shores of...

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Experience Ramen Tour with Local Expert

Enjoy an exciting evening tasting tour of one of Japan's most famous dish: ramen. An expert guide will enable you to sample different variations of this...

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Experience Ramen Kitchen Experience

During this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll make delicious ramen in an actual ramen shop's kitchen. This award-winning ramen shop has kindly offered us exclusive access - something...

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Experience Private Geisha Dinner

Geisha have long held a mysterious allure in the West, but for the ordinary foreign traveler, getting access into Japan's hidden world is almost impossible without...

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Experience Osaka Nightlife Tour

Osaka is a veritable concrete jungle, teeming with bars, restaurants, food stalls, and merriment. Soak up the atmosphere with a specialist, a local expat with whom...

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Experience Moments with a Zen Monk

A private temple tour and talk on Buddhism led by a devout monk. Only for VIP guests truly interested in the study of Buddhism.

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Experience Michelin Dinner with Geisha

Meeting a real geisha (often one staff of our company know personally), seeing them perform, playing traditional parlor games with them, having a chance to ask...

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Experience Meet a Master Noh Peformer

Visit the [rivate home of a Noh performer. View the private collection of Noh costumes, elaborately woven with fine cloth. Private meeting with Noh master who...

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UNESCO region

Experience Kyoto Architecture Tour

Your guide has been living in Kyoto for over 30 years, with an extensive background in Japanese history and culture, and working with the World Monuments...

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Experience Knife Making Workshop

Visit a knife workshop in rural Gifu. Here you will learn traditional techniques from an expert swordsmith. Forging a knife is an intricate process, but over...

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Travel Expert Pick

Experience Kinomiya Shinto Shrine

Visit a Japanese natural monument, a 2,000-year-old antediluvian tree known as Ogusu. Also, you can participate in a private Shinto ceremony. It is believed that if...

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