Sleeping car excursion train which showcases the island of Kyushu, known for its active volcanoes, beaches and natural hot springs! The train is features the best in Japanese artistry. Everything is custom made and unique… handmade porcelain sinks, panels of “kumiko” traditional Japanese woodwork, and an incredible tea room. It’s the best onboard rail experience with exceptional cuisine.

Seven Stars in Kyushu has two different travel options. Its longer, 4 days/3 nights trip makes a large circuit around all of Kyushu, including its most famous hot springs, volcanoes, and urban areas. The 2 days/1 night trip focuses on the northern half of Kyushu, starting in Fukuoka and passing by Oita and Nagasaki. Each of these run weekly, in "sessions" of 2 to 4 months.
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This experience can be arranged as part of a custom trip in Kyushu island, Japan when arranged with TravelStore. Experiences are valid when we post them and are subject to change and availability. (Note: English my not be well spoken onboard.)

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This is considered one of the most luxurious train experiences in the world. I was extremely lucky to have been confirmed onboard and able to be treated like a queen in my lifetime!

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