Osaka is a veritable concrete jungle, teeming with bars, restaurants, food stalls, and merriment. Soak up the atmosphere with a specialist, a local expat with whom you explore some of Osaka’s quirkier bars and nightlife spots, and eat like a “real” Osakan in this foodie capital. You’ll begin the evening at an izakaya, a Japanese-style pub. Move on to explore the local bar scene: it’s weird, wacky, and always themed! yYour guide will take you to places where locals hang-out, but which are inaccessible to non-Japanese speaking tourists. A memorable night awaits!

Unlike other Japanese cities, Osaka is an incredibly friendly and open city, perfect for really getting into Japanese life and experiencing things from an insider’s perspective. An izakaya is where locals come to relax after work, catch-up with friends, eat to their heart’s content, and enjoy themselves to the max! Your guide will help you do likewise, navigating the menu and explaining all the izakaya’s unique concepts. 
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