Near the Great Pyramids sits the enigmatic Sphinx with the body of a lion and the face of a man wearing a royal head cloth, which workers may have based on King Khafre to guard his enormous funerary monument. We can arrange special insider access right between the paws of the Sphinx for an unforgettable experience. Usually the visit to the Pyramids will include a visit to the Sphinx area. However, it will only be from a distance on top of a cliff where it is usually overcrowded with tourists. 

Travel Season
Year-Round, Autumn/Winter/Spring Recommended
With special access to the Paws of the Sphinx, we offer the opportunity to enter the premises of the Sphinx where you can walk around it, stand between the paws, and take amazing pictures from spots usually very few could reach. From a historical background, you will also be able to see the “Stela” right in-front of your eyes and their Egyptologist will provide a profound description about it.
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This experience can be arranged as part of a custom trip in Cairo, Egypt designed by TravelStore. Experiences are valid when posted and are subject to change and availability. Some of the special experiences cannot be booked on their own and are only available when booked in combination with other travel services. (AK)

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