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The Brando Resort, Myanmar, and France

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Watching the sun set over the plains of Bagan

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South Africa

In the world of travel, interests change as we grow and transition in our lives. The places we want to go and the experiences we want to have become different as we go through various stages. My focus is on experiential travel and adventure, combined with luxury. I love unique and wonderful hotels in beautiful settings where you feel special in the surroundings. I once had a client call me after a trip to tell me that every time she checked in to the next hotel, she felt like she was opening a present.

My connection with travel dates back to when I was a child and my father took me camping every summer. We explored every inch of the West Coast and because he was an educator, every trip had a theme and we studied the geography of each locale in depth. During my college years, I studied abroad in Sweden, opening many doors for me to travel throughout Europe. In 1986, I decided to become a travel agent after accompanying a friend on a trip where she met with hoteliers in Italy, France, Germany and Austria. I quickly realized my obsession with traveling could be synonymous with my profession.

I feel all my senses come to life when I am planning a new adventure. I love getting to know you and being able to use my expertise to create a trip that suits you best. It’s like putting a puzzle together – you have certain expectations or preset ideas and I have knowledge of destinations, properties, activities – together we make it fit. The result is rewarding for both of us!  I take my client's trips on as if they were my own. I make sure all the details are covered so you are able to travel worry-free.

Some of the activities I've conquered while traveling include paddling a kayak in Bora Bora accompanied by 2 rays who swam beside me (the water was so clear it seemed like they were flying!) I've snorkeled in Fiji above the reef when the tide was high and sharks were below us. I love a game drive anywhere in Africa, tracking a leopard or a lion is an incredible thrill. I've taken a walking safari in Zambia where I followed more than 35 elephants and watched their interactions with their young. In Macchu Pichu, I've hiked up the trail toward the Gate of the Sun and witnessed the clouds moving in and out each time I turned. I've climbed to the top of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar to watch the sunset over 3000 temples, pagodas and stupas. For the less outdoorsy folks, I've taken a tango class in Buenos Aires, ridden bikes along the canal in the Dutch countryside and taken a helicopter from Cannes to Nice over the mansions of the French Riviera.

Whether you're traveling to get away, relax, recharge, connect or reconnect, I can create the perfect experience for you.

“I travel to be taught, to some degree, how little I know about the world, how local all my assumptions are, and how everything I think I know is wrong.” -Pico Iyer

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