Lindblad Expeditions : Delfin II

You'll find that time aboard is relaxing and enlightening - the perfect peaceful respite between activities of hiking in search of rare wildlife, kayaking, and exploring the river.

The ship

Tipping Policy

All gratuities ashore are included in your expedition cost. Gratuities to crew aboard ship are at your own discretion. If you wish to leave a gratuity, the recommended tipping guideline is $180 per guest per week aboard the ship. The gratuities will be divided among the naturalist guides and crew members on board.

Stateroom Amenities
  • Bath Amenities/Toiletries
  • Hair Dryer
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Spacious Closet(s)
  • Vanity/Desk
  • Dining
  • All Non-Alcoholic Beverages Included In Cruise Fare
  • Dining Style: Open Seating
  • Single Seating Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Educational/Enrichment Programs
  • Other Facilities
  • Laundry Service (nominal fee)
  • Laundry is available at an additional charge. There is no dry cleaning.

    Sports, Health & Fitness
  • Massage Service
  • Though there is not a spa, on the top deck there is a secluded area where you can have a relaxing massage with a licensed therapist and your choice of aromatherapy oils.

    Shipboard Policies