3146 : Aria Amazon

Excursions Off the Vessel

Off-ship excursions into the Amazon jungle from the Aria Amazon showcase the unique Amazon wildlife, birds, and plantlife of this rich habitat. Aqua Expeditions' customized aluminum motorized launch boats, or skiffs, take up to eight passengers in each on two to three daily excursions deep into Amazonia's snaking tributaries, in search of armored catfish, red-bellied piranhas, and the beady-eyed heads of bespectacled caimans in the enigmatic black waters. Just as captivating is the scene above water where yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles meander along the muddy shoreline, sapphire blue-beaked Amazon kingfishers streak past, and antediluvian prehistoric hoatzin birds alight on high branches near dusky titi monkeys playing in the tree canopy.

Guides and Crew

Four professionally trained naturalist guides lead guests of the Aria Amazon on daily expeditions aboard comfortable skiffs deep into the Amazon's tributaries and on foot into the sultry Amazon rainforest. These English-speaking experts grew up on the banks of the Amazon, and know every bird and mammal call. they possess the ability to spot a brown-throated three-toed sloth sleeping high up in the tree canopy, an anaconda slithering along the shoreline, and even the elusive capybara hiding in the high grass after nightfall.

These talented and experienced guides, with their firsthand knowledge of Amazon wildlife, plants, and birds, and the history of this part of Peru, and the expert skills of the captain and crew, as well as the support of the onboard paramedic, make the difference between a tourist's visit to Peru and an unforgettable, life enriching experience deep in the Amazon jungle.

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  • The Aria Amazon

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