Fort de France
03/21/2020 12:00 AM
03/21/2020 7:00 AM
Located on the western coast of Martinique, Fort-de-France will amaze you by the splendour of its bay, a magnificent cut-out in the coastline, considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. At the harbour mouth on its strip of land, Fort Saint-Louis overlooks the capital city of Martinique. If you climb up to it, you can see some breath-taking views. Saint Louis Cathedral and the Schoelcher Library bear witness to a secular history, intimately linked to the island's story. Why not try some fresh coconut at the colourful Grand Marché. Two really pleasant places you can take a breather in are the Garden of Balata and the Aimé Césaire Park right in the heart of the city.,@@

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