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Optional Private Excursions available for purchase

Avoid the crowds and hustle and bustle associated with a group activity. For a memorable trip ashore, we invite you to consider a private shore excursion. Enjoy the undivided attention of your own driver/guide and the flexibility of experiencing the aspects of the local culture that most interest you. Below are just some samples of the private shore excursions we can arrange for you. Give us a call or email us. Let us personalize your experience!

Tahiti Private Circle Island Tour

Tahiti's full-day Circle
Island Tour of Tahiti Nui, the larger part of the island, by private car with
English speaking guide, circumnavigates the island's 80 mile perimeter road.
Some of the stops you will make a long the way include:


Point Venus, this point
is of great historical significance, and was used by Captains Wallis, Cook,
and Bligh. All ships visiting Tahiti anchored in Matavi Bay until the 1820's
when Papeete became a more popular port. The Point was named by Captain Cook
when he was sent by the Royal Geographical Society of England in 1769 to record
the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. Scientists hoped that it would
allow them to compute the distance between the earth and the sun. Although this
would have been a great piece of information for navigators, Cook could not
see Venus clearly enough to accurately get a record of the transit. The mission
was a success; however, because of the numerous examples of flora and fauna
that were documented by Cook's team.

is a lavatube designed by liquid lava flowing under cold and hard lava and creating
a channel. When waves crash against the rocks and enter in this channel, the
result is a powerful sea water geyser that showers on lookers.

The Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful museums in the South Pacific. Polynesian history is carefully recorded and presented. Highlights include rare collections of art carvings and historical artifacts. European arrival is also presented and put into context. 

Vaipahi Gardens and water
fall and the Maraa Fern Grotto, where overhead springs drip through a ceiling
of ferns into a cool, romantic cave formed by the sea. Giant elephant ear plants
and 'taro' grace the entrance


Lunch is included at the
Gauguin Restaurant.

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