Plan your romantic getaway to a country that is the epitome of picturesque island bliss. The South Pacific paradise of Fiji beckons. Visions of a Fiji vacation, complete with an over-water bungalow, your days spent visiting quaint, secluded islands, unspoiled beaches, and swimming in the translucent waters of a lagoon. Add to all of that the idyllic weather that gives the islands of Fiji their exotic allure, and it’s easy to see why Fiji tops so many traveler’s lists of places that they simply must experience.

Swim, snorkel or dive among coral reefs, stroll through rainforests and tropical gardens, and explore Yasawa Islands’ untouched beaches. With some 330 islands, a trip to Fiji is the stuff travel dreams are made of. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t say their trip to Fiji was worth every minute of the plane ride to get here.
Fiji weather has a lot to do with the popularity of the nation as a vacation destination, and the weather here rarely moves out of the eighties in either direction. Year-round stable temperatures are the norm on Fiji, but precipitation levels can vary dramatically. From November to March, the southerly trade winds bring wet weather and the occasional cyclone (hurricane) to the islands. Cyclone season is mostly confined to January and February, but only a couple of storms in any given decade cause more than minor damage. The dry season in Fiji runs from April through October.
Whether by road, air, or sea, there are plenty of options available for traveling around in Fiji. From private transfers, buses, car rentals, chartered flights, to ferries and water taxis, the options to enjoying paradise is at your disposal.
Seafood and locally grown produce is plentiful, including coconut, cassava, sea grapes (nama, also known as "green cavair"), breadfruit and taro. With the influx of Indians and Chinese into Fiji, those influences are also found. Lovo is the Fijian method of underground cooking: proteins and taro are marinated, wrapped in foil, placed in a hole and covered with banana leaves and hot rocks, and left for to cook for two-three hours. Kokoda is Fijian ceviche. Rourou Peti is taro leaves (akin to spinach) stuffed with a mixture of chili, onion, coconut milk, and tuna. Fish soup is made with coconut milk, lemon and ginger. Tender lamb stew and curry dishes are popular. Purini is Fijian steamed pudding. Cassava cake, kind of like sticky rice, can be topped with butter, jam and fruits. And don't miss the coconut bread​ and Lolo buns (coconut buns)!
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