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Experience Visit a Farmhouse in Paro

Enjoy a cup of tea at a colourful farmhouse of Paro that has an amazing view. Soak in the unique ambience and indulge in a delightful...

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Experience Tigers in India

Seeing a tiger in India is a bucket list item. There are some 1,400 known tigers roaming India's national parks, including the best known location, Bandhavgarh...

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Experience The Tiger’s Nest

Travel to the small Buddhist temple (Paro Taktsang) that's perched on a cliff, approximately 10,300 feet above sea level. It's one of the holiest temples...

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Experience The Stepwell of Adalaj

There are some 2000 stepwells in India, which are water wells that served as storage and irrigation tanks to manage water supplies. Several are quite  splendid,...

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Experience The Ruins of Hampi

In southern India, in the province of Karnataka, are the magnificent remains of what at one time was, in the 14th to 16th centuries, one of...

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Experience Sri Lanka Sailing Adventure

On this unique catamaran adventure you'll cruise the popular southern coast of Sri Lanka. From amazing beaches, wildlife reserves, local fishing villages to the country's UNESCO...

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Destination Sri Lanka

There's a reason why this is Asia's top honeymoon destination. A tropical island, Sri Lanka offers pristine beaches at Galle and Tangalle, great wildlife and jeep...

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    Experience Spirituality in India

    Visit the holiest place of worship for Sikhs in India, known as the Golden Temple. Located at the end of a long causeway made of marble,...

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    Experience Sailing on Inle Lake

    Come up close with the fishermen and the locals living on the lake. Inle Lake is located deep in Myanmar, and the way locals live on...

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    UNESCO site

    Experience Rani-ki-Vav

    Patan's stepwell is the only one that's a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Stepwells were built to store water, and Patan's Rani-ki-Vav (the Queen's Stepwell), next to...

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    Experience Private Yoga in Haunted Fort

    What could be more adventurous than to trek to a haunted fort at the crack of dawn for a yoga session! Visit a 17th-century abandoned township...

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    Experience Private Home Dinner in Nepal

    Meet at the home of a Nepalese family to enjoy cooking and dining on a traditional Nepali meal and conversation. In the kitchen learn to prepare two...

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    Experience Patan Heritage Expert

    Meet a heritage expert and architect in Patan, India who will brief you about the rebuilding and renovation of World Heritage sites that suffered damage from...

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    UNESCO sites

    Experience Nepal UNESCO Heritage Tour

    The Kathmandu Valley encompasses the ancient cities of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. These cities house seven UNESCO World Heritage shrines that are collectively listed as a...

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    Experience Myanmar Homebuilding Project

    During your stay at Inle Lake, get involved with a homebuilding project with the local Intha community. Donations preceding your Myanmar trip helps turn dreams into...

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    Experience Maldives from a Birds-Eye View

    Consider a luxury adventure in your own seaplane flying over the islands.  The experience can include spotting whale sharks or manta rays and swimming with them,...

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    Destination Maldives

    These  famously romantic, beautiful coral islands encountered on an island getaway or Maldives honeymoon beckon with their translucent waters. A Maldives vacation offers amazing overwater bungalows...

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    Experience Kathmandu Handmade Social Workshop

    Seven Women is a unique social enterprise working to help disadvantaged women in Nepal. At this hand-on workshop, learn how local products are made and about...

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    Experience Jodhpur & Ranakpur Temple

    The Ranakpur Jain temple, built in the 15th century, takes up 48,000 square feet and features 29 rooms and 1,444 pillars. Carved from amber the holy...

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    Experience Irrawaddy River Cruises

    It was Rudyard Kipling who remarked Burma (now Myanmar) is "quite unlike any land you know." A Myanmar river cruise vacation takes you to that place....

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    Experience India’s Royal Trains

    Silk-clad cabins, a spa and two bars highlight the opulence of the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels rail journey that operates from Delhi, visiting Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur,...

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    Destination India

    If a journey is measured by the range of experiences it offers and the degree to which it challenges us emotionally, spiritually and physically, then India...

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    Experience Healing Bowl Therapy

    Visit the Singing Bowl Workshop at Patan for a healing bowl therapy. The healing bowl, in order to produce the perfect harmonic sound, is made with...

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    Experience Hawa Mahal – Palace of Winds

    A must-see when visiting Jaipur, this stunning and iconic pink and red sandstone edifice was built the last year of the 18th century as a wing...

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    Experience Harleys in Myanmar

    There is this friendly group of men, from all kinds of backgrounds, in Yangon that have formed a motorcycle club. Each person is partnered with one...

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    Experience Get Painted (on Canvas)

    How about having a painting of you made by a local artist in any setting of your choice in the Maldives? You'll able to pick the...

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    Experience Ganges River Cruises

    India is a kaleidoscope of colors, a multi-layered land of contrasts. Its exotic cuisines and cultural traditions envelop our senses. India is the newest river cruise...

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    Experience Floating Lunch on Inle Lake

    Experience the true calm and tranquility of Inle Lake while dining aboard your own private floating restaurant in the middle of the lake. Travel across the...

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    Experience Embrace Spirituality in Bhutan

    Visit a monastery and see monks perform their daily activities and prayers as they pay homage to the Buddha. Learn about the various murals displayed in...

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    Experience Coming of Age in Myanmar

    The novitiation ceremony, or "shinbyu" in Burmese, marks the first time a boy enters the monastery and becomes a novice monk. Almost every Burmese boy participates...

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    Experience Champagne Breakfast at Everest

    Take a helicopter charter tour to Mount Everest on one of the most thrilling rides ever. Hovering up in the valleys of the Khumbu region, surrounded...

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    Experience Calcutta Rescue Visit

    For over 30 years, Calcutta Rescue has served the underprivileged of West Bengal through health clinics, schools and more. The NGO is providing much-needed services to...

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    Experience Biking Tour in Myanmar

    Biking through the country of Myanmar as part of a group is a fine way to experience the destination, its temples, and locals in their daily...

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    Experience Biking & Hiking Vacations

    Travel shouldn't be about seeing as much as possible on a trip -- it should be about slowing down your daily routine while away from home,...

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    Destination Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet

    In the interconnected world in which we live, it’s difficult to be virtually shut off from society. That’s why so many travelers seek out the seclusion...

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    Experience Bhutan Archery Demonstration

    Being the national sport of Bhutan, archery holds a distinctive significance in Bhutanese culture. The bow and arrow play a significant role in many Bhutanese myths...

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    Experience Ballooning over Inle Lake

    A unique and captivating experience, a balloon ride over Inle Lake is ninety minutes of pure wonder and excitement. Be inspired by endless views of Inle...

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    Experience Artisanal Craft Workshop Tour

    This independent Myanmar craft tour visits Chu Chu, a social enterprise that redesigns waste material into enjoyable crafts and includes a plastic recycling workshop. Then visit...

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