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India, the Atacama Desert, Easter Island, the Elbe River, and Berlin

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Recently? Views of the Louvre from my room in Paris!

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Waterways of Holland and Belgium

I’m a native Californian, born in Los Angeles; however I have lived a few other places in my life including Canada, Austria and Northern California.   I have now spent 30 years working in travel and have been blessed to see much of our lovely planet during that time, and have shared it with so many lovely people - I have to say I love what I do and find it interesting and challenging every day.

When people ask me about my ‘favorite’ trip or place to travel it’s difficult to choose only one! I was taken by surprise in Israel  The history and passion of the country was much more than I ever expected and it was the first time I traveled to a place where people my age had lived through war, where women served in the military, and where young people are ingrained with the duty of service and what you owe your country.  Friday nights in Jerusalem makes my skin tingle.  At sundown the minarets call the faithful Muslims to prayer and at the Western Wall the Jews pray  while Christian church bells toll in the distance. It’s a beautiful place cradled within a valley where ancient trees make strange shapes among the stones, and the stone itself is luminescent in the fading light. The humanity of the place astounds me, and though I was expecting the religious fervor to bother me, I instead found myself moved by the people who keep these traditions alive.

Africa is another personal favorite, while I go for the animals and will take every opportunity for game viewing, there is a quality of light there, the way plants grow, the smells and the sounds which are like no place else.   I have a passion for history, so Turkey and Peru hold a special place in my heart, but Europe will always be my second home, I can go again and again and never tire of it.

I’m an opinionated and knowledgeable travel agent.  If I don’t know the answer you’re seeking, I know how to get the answer.  Vacations don’t follow a cookie-cutter mold and what I find fascinating you might find dull, so I am very clear that I plan your vacation, not my own. I share my advice and ideas but ultimately let you determine which aspects to include. Being your advocate is a great feeling. Travel isn’t an exact science, and I use reliable vendors and our preferred partnerships in the pursuit of providing you with a perfect trip.

My Travel Experiences

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