Swan Hellenic

Sail to the Least Explored Corners of the Earth

What Awaits You

With over 70 years of navigating the world’s waters, Swan Hellenic boasts an unmatched passion for expedition cruising. Travelers can embark on journeys confident in the promise of exploring remote destinations and indulging in exclusive adventures accompanied by onboard experts. The company’s profound understanding of global cultures facilitates the creation of unique cultural experiences. Swan Hellenic guides guests to some of the most remote and inaccessible corners of the Earth, where they can immerse themselves in rich, diverse cultures, ancient sites, and fascinating civilizations.


No matter your destination of choice, Swan Hellenic has you covered. From the icy expanses of the Arctic to the frozen landscapes of Antarctica, and from the wilds of Africa to the vibrant cultures of Latin America, the distinctive voyages are designed to transport you to remote and seldom-explored locations that many only dream of visiting.

An Enriched Experience

In addition to transporting you to extraordinary off-the-beaten-path destinations, Swan Hellenic provides the camaraderie of kindred spirits and distinguished experts. These experts deliver enlightening lectures and are available for engaging conversations throughout your journey.

Renowned in their respective fields, our onboard experts enrich every moment of your voyage with profound insights into the peoples, cultures, wildlife, flora, geology, and geography of each remarkable locale we visit. Whether you set sail to the ends of the Earth or embark on a cultural odyssey, traveling with Swan Hellenic is an expedition of discovery, cementing our status as the preferred choice for adventurous souls worldwide.

Cultural Expeditions

Exploring with both intellect and emotion, Swan Hellenic blazed the trail for cultural expedition cruising in the 1950s. Accompanying members of the Hellenic Society on journeys through ancient Greece alongside renowned scholars marked the beginning of their groundbreaking endeavors. The success of their initial voyage spurred the development of subsequent expeditions, solidifying Swan Hellenic’s reputation for blending adventurous explorations, exclusive lectures, and luxurious onboard accommodations.

Now, more than 70 years later, Swan Hellenic takes pride in continuing their explorations with the same zeal and curiosity. Their compelling fusion of geographical expeditions with cultural and scientific discoveries remains the cornerstone of their ability to inspire and delight their guests.

What's Included
All Inclusive Onboard Lifestyle

Boutique, 5-star staterooms WiFi

Onboard gym, sauna, and pool

Selected expedition activities

Onboard gratuities and port taxes

Pre-Cruise Hotel

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