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Danube River cruise and the Yucatan's pyramids and colonial cities

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Seeing the sunrise over Angkor Wat. Simply magical.

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China (again)

I grew up listening to travel stories my dad would tell. He was a military man and our family’s evening entertainment often involved slide shows of our travels while we were stationed in France, or of my dad’s posts in places like Chile, Iceland or Iran. My grandparents were refugees of the Russian Revolution who came to the United States via Shanghai, and I always remember feeling that their stories were special.

I’ll never forget my first trip to the Great Wall, or watching the sunset over the jungle from the top of a Cambodian temple with 200 monks chanting in the background. I once spent an evening with tour guides at a small restaurant called The Little Fat Sheep in Xi’an. As the evening wore on I realized the head of the local public security bureau was one of the people in our group, and he wound up giving me a ride back to my hotel in the back of a Chinese police car. It made quite an impression on the doorman at the hotel! I’ve lived in China, am fluent in Mandarin, and have set up and led my own custom tours to China and Vietnam.

My first job in travel was as a tour manager in China in 1992! Since then I’ve been able to make a career talking about travel – my favorite topic! And while I enjoy living vicarioulsy through my clients, I get out to explore as much as I possibly can. I encourage my clients to be open-minded and accept that the rest of the world doesn’t live the way we do. Whether a trip to Asia or a luxury cruise vacation, I look forward to planning yours.

Travel + Leisure Magazine "A-List" 
   Recommended specialist for China and Asia, 2013 and  2014

Top 25 Travel Agent for 2013, Travel Agent Magazine

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