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Most recent trips
  • River cruising on the Rhine
  • Madrid, Avila, El Escorial, and Segovia, Spain
  • Tokyo, Japan, for cherry blossom season
Specialties Certifications
  • Certified Travel Counselor
  • Certified Master Japan Specialist
  • Certified Spain Specialist
  • Korea Travel Specialist

Travel has a deep influence in our lives, and this is the foundation for my career as a travel professional. Travel is a lifetime of personal growth and learning. It is enrichment and enjoyment. It is savoring delicious meals. It is growing as a human being with every new interaction. Let’s create your perfect trip and travel the world together!

Eva Bailon

Eva's Story

I look back on my career as a travel professional and thank my father for sparking my passion for travel and discovery. He was enthralled by the coming of commercial jet airliners and would often drive us to the end of the runway at LAX to see the jets take off and land. There were no security fences, just a grassy area between the road and runway. I imagined being in those jets a thousand times.

My first travel adventure took place on an eight-hour propeller aircraft flight during a great storm. I still remember the incredible cacophony of sounds… the lightening! The weeping! And the violent shaking! Since that first taste of travel, I have been lucky enough to experience a walk out onto the frozen Bering Sea and to survive a 10-gale storm in the North Atlantic.

I have visited remote villages in China, accompanied by a guide whose name was Michael Jackson. I have picked olives in Spain and have daydreamed under a cherry blossom grove in full bloom. Rewarding travel experiences can be as varied and simple as you would like.

I am a passionate listener and I thrive on the process that is learning what you need and want from your travels. I will take the time necessary to make you feel confident in your decisions, and I will be your advocate before, during, and after your trip is completed. I invite you to be part of my lifelong journey of learning. Let’s plan your next trip together!

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