Courtney Grosvenor


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Most Recent Trips

Cabo San Lucas

The thrill of immersing myself in other cultures’ food, music, history, geography, and simply their way of life became an obsession of mine starting at a young age. With each new destination I visit, I develop a greater understanding and appreciation for other cultures. My interest in seeking out places that are vastly different from my everyday norm progressively grows the more I travel. I thrive on unique encounters, whether that be visiting an elephant sanctuary in Laos, sipping champagne while taking in the views of the Eiffel Tower, eating bugs in Vietnam, scuba diving around the world, or salsa dancing with local Colombians.  With that being said, I also enjoy traveling to places for the pure sake of relaxation on a pristine beach.


I studied International Business in Rouen, France, an hour north of Paris. Living in France rooted my desire to experience different cultures and integrate myself with the locals. I originally started my career in the healthcare industry specializing in cancer research. Given the people I was working with I quickly learned how uncertain time can be. I realized that I wanted and needed to pursue my passion, so I began a career in travel.


Working in travel is so much more than a job, it is a lifestyle, a passion, and a career. The most exciting part about my “job” is that the world is my office and it is continuously changing, which keeps things interesting, challenging, and exciting. In my opinion, you can never travel enough and you can always find a place that will fulfill your desires as well as your needs.  I love working with my clients to create customized travel plans that are completely unique and personalized to them.  The options are endless, whether it’s staying in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, restaurant-hopping through Greece, or hiking in Peru, helping my clients research and arrange their journey is as exciting as if I was planning my own travels.

My Travel Experiences

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