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Most Recent Trips

Rhone River cruise from Lyon to Avignon

Favorite Trip Experience

Olive harvesting in Ronda, ice-fishing on the Bering Sea, learning to meditate at a Japanese shrine, flamenco dance lessons in Madrid, and a kimono dressing experience in Kyoto

Next Trip

Takayama and Kanazawa, Japan, to learn how to make washi paper and to meditate at the Kenrokuen Garden

When I was ten years old, my parents took me to Mexico on an 8-hour propeller aircraft flight in the middle of a big storm - this was just the thrill I needed to  become a travel agent!

In the early ‘80’s I left behind my days as a teacher and upgraded to working in an air conditioned office where I was “forced” to travel on my vacation time. I love pleasing people and sharing life experiences from my travels. I enjoy painting pictures of destinations in your mind and creating excitement and anticipation for your upcoming trip.

I've walked onto the frozen Bering Sea, cruised the Danube, Seine and Rhine rivers, gone dogsledding in the Arctic Circle and I've been poked and prodded in China by villagers who had never seen a westerner before.

However, I've known and loved Spain for over 40 years. As a foreign exchange student in my junior year of college, I studied at the University of Madrid for one year. My curriculum of Spanish history, art history, political science and literature have given me a unique perspective of Spanish culture.

I have experienced Spain as a student, working adult, wife to a Spaniard and travel professional. I'm equally comfortable revealing insights into Toledo or Segovia as I am digging for white asparagus or teaching the art of cooking a Tortilla Espanola. I would truly enjoy designing the right trip for you. Would you like to take a Flamenco dance class or maybe go for tapas with a Spanish host? I can make it happen!

I'm a great listener, I'm well educated and well traveled. I'm easy to work with and you will be the first priority in everything I do. Some might call me a magician; I put everything you say and need into my top hat and pull out an unforgettable travel experience for you! Please give me a call and let’s get started!

My Travel Experiences

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